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Welcome to the Grand Burnham Hut.

The Grand Burnham Hut is an All- Inclusive hotel that is nestled on a hill in beautifully African Savanna with magnificent uninterrupted views of the Aberdares ranges that give a breath of the countryside. The Hut prides itself of a relaxed and superb setting for families, business travelers, companies, personal travelers and volunteers. The Hut sleeps up to 30 persons and features two full kitchen, dining area, library, business center, rooftop, fire-place, free WiFi and cable. Relax outside on the spacious grounds or on the rooftop and take in the fresh mountain air as you enjoy incredible views of the mountains and the savanna will leave you awe-struck. The Grand Burnham Hut is the ideal Kenyan destination for a truly superb holiday in Nyandarua County, from the hustle and bustle of the city. With some of the country’s finest attractions on the doorstep, and its easy access to Thomson’s Falls, Lake Ol Bolossat and the Aberdare Mountain Ranges among other magnificent tourist’s sites our visitors can enjoy an enormous range of excursions and activities without spending hours and even days traveling between each.



The Grand Burnham Hut works closely with neighbouring communities to ensure that the our presence goes hand in hand with community development. We recognise that education is the keystone to development, and thus our quest to provide education to our neighbouring communities. We believe that in order for the local people to live in thrive efforts must bring tangible benefits to their communities. Every year, the Grand Burnham Hut engages in community development projects/schemes which are extensive and make a considerable difference to communities. We direct a percentage of funds raised to the neighbouring communities, and through this program we have helped alleviate poverty and create enthusiasm for education amongst these communities.


The Grand burnham Hut in conjunction with the local county government has supported the neighbouring community, Kieni. In this community, we have constructed a dispensary for the residents of this area, who would otherwise travel long distances to access medical care. Extension of medical care to both our workers and the community is part of social welfare activities undertaken by the conservancy. The GBH ensures that adequate facilities and qualified personnel with a capacity to deal with any medical challenges are always made available to the community. The presence of proactive programmes as far as community hygiene is concerned is equally important in ensuring that most of the problems are prevented.


The Grand Burnham Hut has developed a Community Partnership and Education Programme whose objective was to ensure that communities living adjacent to the Hut are supported by its agenda, which aims at improving their livelihoods and maximising benefits derived from their farms, by helping community members adopt modern farming techniques. We also donate tree seedlings to the community for them to cross plant with other crops, in the sustainability of topsoil from soil erosion and enhance crop protection. The Grand Burnham Hut together with the Maggie Kay Foundation is currently looking into the formulation of a good farming practices education program that will see farmers in the surrounding community receive education on how to utilize proper farming activities (farmer pack) for their livelihood.


The Grand Burnham Hut works closely with its founding sponsor Maggie Kay Foundation to establish school gardens and to develop improved education facilities in neighbouring communities; building classrooms, school kitchens, and pit latrines. Since its inception, it has witnessed increased school enrolment. This programme intends to encourage technological development at schools by providing computers and constructing libraries equipped with relevant reference materials. The Education Program also supplies donations of books, charts, posters, pencils, chalk, art materials and more to the schools that are under its program. We strongly believe that all children should have a chance to secure a better future regardless of their circumstances at home. Most of our neighbouring communities largely depend on subsistence farming and are often only able to feed their families once a day.