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Wildlife of Lake Naivasha

Things to Do At Lake Naivasha, Day trips/excursions from Nairobi

Lake Naivasha is famous for its strong populations of hippos and flamingos. There are over 1,500 hippos in the area, and you are almost guaranteed to see one. The lake is a birder’s paradise as it is home to over 400 bird species. Birdlife is beautiful and includes fish eagles, white-breasted cormorants, ospreys, lily-trotters, and black crakes. A number of animals can be found grazing in the lake environs, such as zebra, impala, giraffe, and hippo. the lake is ideally situated for some relaxation at the start or end of your vacation. It is also within easy reach of Hell’s Gate National Park, where you can enjoy hiking in spectacular scenery.

Kinangop Plateau Birdwatching

The Kinangop plateau shelter Sharpe’s Longclaw a globally threatened grassland-specialist bird and numerous other animals and plants endemic to the mountain grasslands of Kenya and northern Tanzania. The Kikuyu people call it “gathonjo ka werũ-ini,” meaning “a weaver-like bird that lives only in the grasslands”. the tour is suitable for birders looking to see, record, and photograph a few of Kenya’s endemic and localized bird species. Kinangop Plateau has more than 250 species of birds recorded including the localized; Levaillant’s Cisticola, Wing snapping Cisticola, Hunter’s Cisticola, Aberdare Cisticola, Great-crested Grebe, Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk, Lesser Jacana, Long-tailed Widowbird, Jackson’s Widowbird, Red-collared Widowbird, African Snipe, Yellow-crowned Canary.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is spectacular. It has been a  blazing sea of deep pink flamingos – millions of them! Their intense fuchsias burst against Lake Nakuru’s deep blue alkaline waters. Quite simply… it has until some few years ago been  the most brilliant show of birdlife on earth

But that’s only the beginning of what this special park has to offer because the wildlife viewing here is easy and accessible. Lake Nakuru is known for hosting some endangered but beautiful species. You’re sure to see rare Rothschild’s Giraffe along with white rhinos, especially along the lakeshore.

The park is also a sanctuary for one of Kenya’s largest populations of black rhinos.

Another aspect of the active wildlife viewing here is observing the park’s zebra, hippo, olive baboon, vervet and colobus monkeys, waterbuck, and hyena. Other big safari wildlife to be on the lookout for include lion, cheetah, leopard, and buffalo.

Lake Nakuru National Park - All You Need To Know Before You Go

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